Hello, a big warm welcome from Sharon Collins founder and director of Smile Productions. Introducing our exciting shows and events for dance/drama & performing arts students of all ages & abilities.

Our aim at Smile Productions is to provide an integrated platform for performing arts students across the North West, enabling them to showcase their talents and gain valuable, reliable stage experience alongside fellow professionals at spectacular venues locally and beyond.

We currently have 6 fantastic events on offer for your school or group to get involved with, please explore our website to find out more about each event and contact us for further information should you wish to have your school/group take part.


  • We are the leading integrated dance school show producers for young dance in Liverpool today.
  • We have an abundance of experience working with principals, performers and parents alike.
  • Our shows and events represent the diverse youth dance culture of today, we give young people the valuable reliable stage experience they need to assist them in becoming the knowledgeable more rounded professionals of tomorrow.
  • The opportunities we offer give troupes of all ages and abilities the chance to shine.
  • We are currently the only production company in Liverpool to provide a fantastic festival for young people to compete and perform in, not only in dance solos, trios and groups, but in speech and drama too.
  • We promise that our competitions and festivals will always be adjudicated by impartial fully qualified experienced professionals.
  • When you take part in a Smile Productions Show or event you can be rest assured that we will do all we can to make it a pleasurable experience and a huge success for principals, parents and performers alike.

    Smile Liverpool – Dance, Singing, Speech & Drama Festival
    Smile Together – Variety Dance Showcase
    Smile I’m your Baby – Junior Only Variety Dance Showcase
    Reach for the Stars – Group Dance competition
    Scream its Halloween – Halloween Showcase
    North West Dance Challenge – Group Dance competition

    Smile its Christmas Christmas Showcase